Fosforal is a granular powder for oral solutions with the smell of citrus fruits (mandarin orange). Recommended for the treatment of uncomplicated lower urinary tract infections and prophylaxis during surgical interventions. The active substance is fosfomycin. Read more about the clinical characteristics of Fosforal in the instructions.


Indications for use (instruction): Fosforal

Treatment of acute uncomplicated infections of the lower urinary tract, caused by phosphomycin-sensitive microorganisms, in men and girls aged 12 years and adult women. Prevention during diagnostic procedures and surgeries in adult patients.

How to use

Fosforal should be used on an empty stomach, preferably at bedtime after bladder emptying. Dissolve the contents of the package in ½ cup of water. The dosage regimen is set by the doctor.

Usually a single dose for adults, including elderly patients (up to 75 years), in the acute phase of the disease is 3 g (1 pack) once.

In order to prevent urinary tract infection during surgery, transurethral diagnostic examinations, take the contents of 1 package 3 hours before the intervention and the second package 24 hours after the intervention.


Possible use for the treatment of acute uncomplicated infections of the lower urinary tract in girls aged 12 years.

There is insufficient data on the use of the drug for therapeutic purposes in boys aged 12 years, as well as sufficient data on the use of the drug for preventive purposes to both boys and girls.


Hypersensitivity to the drug components, severe renal failure (creatinine clearance < 10 ml/min), children under 12 years of age, undergoing hemodialysis.


Active ingredient: fosfomycin;

1 package contains the phosphomycin trometamol 5,631 g, which is equivalent to 3 g of fosfomycin.

Excipients: mandarin flavor, orange flavor, saccharin, sucrose.

Release form

8 g per pack; 1 pack per carton.

Storage conditions

Store in the original package at a temperature not exceeding 30 °C.


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