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Nasafort spray is a barrier agent that is designed to protect the nasal mucosa from the ingestion of allergens when inhaled. Reception of the spray is aimed at eliminating difficulty breathing, a runny nose, and itching in the nose.


Indications for use (instruction): Nasafort

For the prevention of the development of symptoms of allergic rhinitis (itching in the nose, swelling of the nasal mucosa and impaired nasal breathing, abundant liquid transparent discharge from the nose, sneezing attacks, etc.). It is used for allergic rhinitis in adults and children from 3 years old to protect the nasal mucosa from allergens and pollutants, as well as other aggressive environmental factors that enter the air.

How to use

Intranasal, as needed.

Adults and children from 3 years old: one spray in each nostril.

If you are allergic to pollen of plants (seasonal allergy), it is recommended to start using the nasal spray "NASAFORT protection against allergies" in advance, 1-2 weeks before the expected start of the dusting season.

In case of year-round rhinitis (allergy to house dust, animals, etc.) Spray nasal "NASAFORT protection against allergies" can be used situationally 5-10 minutes before the expected contact with the allergen.

Prophylactic use of the nasal spray "NASAFORT protection against allergies" reduces the risk of exacerbation of allergic rhinitis.

In order to prevent further ingress of allergens into the body in complex therapy in the treatment of allergic rhinitis: one injection into each nostril 2-3 times a day (every 5-6 hours).

It is recommended to use the nasal spray "NASAFORT protection against allergies" before the expected contact with allergens, for example, before going outside during the flowering period, visiting crowded places, doing house cleaning, contact with animals.

Nasal spray "NASAFORT protection against allergies" can be used by women during pregnancy and lactation, since it does not have a systemic effect and does not contain preservatives.

Remember: use the nasal spray "NASAFORT Allergy Protection" before the onset of symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Before the first use of the product, it is necessary to adjust the spray dispenser for further optimal dosage. To this end, place the dispenser bottle vertically and carefully press the walls of the bottle twice (until a trickle of powder appears).

Step 1. If necessary, hygienically clean the nasal cavity before using the spray.
Step 2. Keep your head straight without throwing it back.
Step 3. Shake the bottle and remove the cap.
Step 4. Pinch one nostril with your finger.
Step 5. Place the nose of the bottle in another nasal passage and, pressing intensively on the walls of the bottle, perform one injection of the powder while inhaling.
Step 6. Perform the same procedure on the opposite side.

It is recommended to use the nasal spray again after each cleansing of the nasal cavity to restore the gel-like barrier film.


Individual intolerance to the components. Children under 3 years old.


Active ingredient: micronized hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) – 788 mg; excipients: peppermint extract – 12 mg.

Release form

Nasal spray "Nasafort protection against allergies" 800 mg in a polyethylene bottle with a dispenser and a screw cap. 1 bottle together with instructions for use of the medical device enclosed in a cardboard box.


Nasaleze Ltd, Unit 3, Woodside House, Ballafletcher Business Park, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM4 4QE, UK.

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No. 602-123-20-3/1500 dated 01/29/2019.

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