”PRO-PHARMA PLANT” production area

1 Organized by HACCP system principles
2 More than 500 employees
3 Many years of experience with foreign suppliers of raw and manufacturers of packaging materials

Founded in 2006, the Company “PRO-PHARMA” has always focused on supplying only quality medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements.

Due to a constant commitment to high quality, an effective marketing strategy and a close-knit team, Pro-Pharma has won the trust of millions of Ukrainians.

The key event of the Company`s development was the creation of the dietary supplements production site * in 2017.

It was the last link in the full cycle production of dietary supplements, from design to implementation within an enterprise.

Our mission

To make every family healthy and happy due to affordable and effective means of treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Safety and quality control

Our production is organized according to the principles of the HACCP system.*

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is risk analysis and critical control points - a concept that provides for the systematic identification, assessment and management of hazards that significantly affect product`s safety.

We conduct a careful selection of suppliers
of raw materials with regular audits
to ensure the quality of finished products.

We provide our business partners
with the opportunity to visit
production at any stage


Safety is the main goal in the development stage.


A reliable modern automated equipment is manufactured and installed in accordance with the international standards` requirements.

Production capacity

Solid gelatin capsule dosage

Automatic packaging line

Full production cycle (from recipe to safekeeping)

The release of 20.000
capsules per hour

Modernly equipped warehouse

Partnership opportunities
(Contract Manufacturing)

  • Delivery to the customer's warehouse
  • Packing / Repacking
  • A guarantee of confidentiality and compliance with the highest ethical standards / guidelines in partnership.
  • Commercialization of your ideas and business development

Contact details

Mon-Fri 9:00 - 18:00

A full-cycle pharmaceutical production

The creation of own pharmaceutical production is one of the landmark events in the history of Pro-Pharma development. On our website you can see the Pro-Pharma`s interior photos and even videos of the dietary supplements and medicines` production.

Since the Pro-Pharma Plant`s creation, the company has developed a full-cycle pharmaceutical production.

For our partners

In cooperation with Pro-Pharma we also provide our partners with the possibility of contract manufacturing:

  • the delivery of products to the warehouse;
  • packaging and repackaging;
  • the development of a marketing strategy to promote your products.

>Herewith, we guarantee confidentiality and ethics in the cooperation process. Each of our partners will be able to visit our production facilities and observe all stages of production personally. Pro-Pharma Plant selects the best raw materials and the strictest quality control for its pharmaceutical production.