Lancets OneTouch Delica Plus
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Lancets OneTouch Delica Plus

Lancets OneTouch Delica Plus

OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancets provide virtually painless testing! Designed for use with OneTouch® Delica® Plus puncture handle and OneTouch® Delica® puncture handle.

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If you have any questions about OneTouch® products, please contact the LifeScan Advisory Line at 0 800 500 353 (free within Ukraine).



Virtually painless testing is achieved through the following features of OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancets (VanTach Delica Plus):

  • The diameter of the lancet is only 0.32 mm (30 G), which is one of the thinnest.
  • Reducing the vibration of the lancet (more than 50%) provides an even more accurate, fast and virtually painless puncture.
  • The super-thin silicone coating on the tip of each lancet results in a smooth soft sliding of the lancet on the skin.

The OneTouch® Delica® Plus handle has 13 levels of puncture depth. Choose the optimal puncture depth for yourself to get a tiny drop of blood.


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