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OSTEOPRO complex activates the growth of bone tissue, helps with calcium deficiency in the body, osteoporosis, and also improves bone fusion for fractures. The combination of the mineral and organic parts of OSTEOPRO has a double effect on the restoration of bone tissue and the suppression of its destruction.

The mineral part (calcium hydroxyapatite) includes calcium, phosphorus and other micro and macronutrients (magnesium, zinc, iron and boron). This composition contributes to the complete absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract. Phosphorus improves calcium fixation in the bones and inhibits the process of its excretion by the kidneys. The organic component (ossein) includes proteins and peptides (growth factors, osteocalcin, collagen, and others). It contributes to a more pronounced osteogenic effect than one mineral part.



Indications for use (instruction): Osteopro

In order to regulate calcium-phosphorus metabolism with calcium deficiency in the body in the treatment of osteoporosis. To improve the fusion of bones in fractures.

How to use

Adults take 2–4 tablets per day (in 2 doses), drinking a small amount of drinking water, preferably with a meal. On the recommendation of a doctor, the recommended daily dosage may be increased. The course of use is determined by the doctor individually. The minimum recommended course of use is 1 month.


Individual intolerance to the components, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, urolithiasis disease, tissue calcification, severe renal dysfunction.


Active ingredients: microcrystalline hydroxyapatite complex (MCH-Сal ™) – 1,000 mg, which includes 250 mg of proteins (type I collagen and non-collagen peptides) and 670 mg of calcium hydroxyapatite (including 250 mg of calcium, 125 mg of phosphorus).

Release form

Pack, 30 tablets


Dr. Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Sanitary and hygienic conclusion

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This product is not a drug.